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Dr. Bao graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University in 1985. He was a licensed general surgeon for three years prior to coming to the United States in 1988. He studied Microbiology and Medical Technology at the California State University in Los Angeles and became a board certified medical technologist in 1991. He worked as a general physician in a major hospital in the Palm Springs area until 1997. From there, Dr.Bao went on to further training at the LAC-USC internal medicine residency program. He graduated from the program and passed the board certification exam in Internal Medicine in the year 2000. He started his own private practice later in the same year.

Since Dr. Bao's background includes substantial experience in both surgery and medicine, and incorporates an in-depth knowledge of both western and eastern practices of medicine, he is able to bring an all-encompassing approach to diagnostics and patient care. This allows him to draw on the best techniques available from multiple modalities in medicine.

Dr. Bao has a particular interest in the diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B. He is a nationally-recognized authority on the treatment of this disease state, and has served as a consultant and member of the speakers bureau of Gilead Sciences, which is a leader in the development of treatments for chronic Hepatitis B.

Dr. Bao is a respected, well-known physician in Chinese-American community. He was chosen to be NBC's team physician during 2008 Beijing Olympics. He has received multiple awards for his contributions to the welfare of his patients and the community at large. He has served as both an honored guest for Beijing Television Station and as a commentator for the LA Times medical section. He also served as a commentator for multiple local medias. He was chosen by his peers as one of ¡¥Americas Top Physicians' in 2003 and 2008. Besides practicing medicine, Dr. Bao also enjoys doing community service. He regularly participates in educational programs and community screening efforts aimed at both disease prevention as well as early detection. He truly believes that these are the keys to treatment success.



Dr.Bao is a caring physician who speaks fluently in English and Chinese.


* Board Certified in Internal medicine
* Member, American Society of Clinical Pathologists
* Board Certified in Medical Technology
* General Surgery, Shanghai Second Medical University
* Medical Technologist, Eisenhower Medical Center
* Internal Medicine Resident, USC
* Attending Physician, Whittier Medical Center
* Attending Physician, Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital
* NBC team physician, 2008 Beijing Olympics


* ¡¥Success Bridges the Generations'
   a radio and TV special program recognizing outstanding Chinese in the United States (2006)
* America's Top Physician (2003, 2008)
* ¡¥Strathmore's Who's Who' , an award recognizing individuals who have demonstrated leadership and
   achievement in their occupation, industry or profession (2000-2001)

Academic and Social Titles:

* President , Puente Hill Chinese Physician Association
* Commentator, LA Times¡¦ medical section
* Commentator, Chinese Daily News
* Commentator, Shin Tao Daily News
* Commentator, Phoenix Television
* Commentator, KSCI TV
* Commentator, EDI City Newsweek
* National Speaker, Gilead Science Inc
* National Speaker, Bristol-Myers Squibb



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