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INS appointed civil surgeon for immigration required physical examination.

Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status, I-693

A medical examination is necessary as part of your application for immigration purpose.

You must pay for the examination. Your health insurance will not pay for the examination.

The purpose of the medical examination is to find out if you have certain health conditions, which may need further follow-up. The doctor will examine you for certain physical and mental health conditions. You may be asked to remove your clothes for the medical procedures.

If you have records of immunizations (vaccinations), you should bring them to show the doctor. We will tell you if any more immunizations are needed. It is important for you to follow the doctor's advice to get any immunizations. You also need to tell the doctor if you had Chickenpox before. If not, you will be asked to get additional immunization.

You will be tested for Tuberculosis. The doctor will inject a test reagent just underneath your skin on your forearm. You have to return in 2-3 days to have the skin test checked. If you do not have any reaction you will not need any more tests for Tuberculosis. If you have any reaction to the skin test you will also need to have a chest X-ray examination.

You will also be tested for Syphilis and HIV. We need to draw blood from your arm for these two tests.

The whole examination takes about 20-30 minutes. The cost for the examination varies from person to person. Please call for details.

You MUST tell the doctor if you are pregnant.

If you have all the documentations needed, we can clear you on the SAME DAY.


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